"Optimum kitchen deep cleaning" 

An increase in Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations over recent years has emphasised the need to have regular kitchen deep cleaning. Due to the high pressure environment of the catering industry, it can be difficult for your staff to maintain a thoroughly clean kitchen.

Our deep cleaning services will remove food debris and grime, which are the main causes of bacterial growth and pest infestation. The main places this occurs is under sinks, tables and behind refrigeration and cooking equipment.                          


ShoreClean won't just clean around these items, wewill, where possible move them to allow thorough cleaning. 

We will remove panels, shelves, burners and whatever else is necessary to ensure any grease and carbon is removed.

Maintaining your kitchen equipment is essential. All equipment will be dismantled by hand, fully deep cleaned and reassembled. This will lessen the chance of breakdown or a reduction in efficiency to avoid expensive repairs or even replacement.

We can also provide quotes for structure and high level cleaning. This will include all floors, ceilings, walls, lights and kitchen fixtures and fittings. 

ShoreClean technicians are fully trained in all areas of kitchen deep cleaning. They have the knowledge and experience required in advising the right type and frequency of the deep cleaning service your business will require.

On completion of works you can request a hygiene certificate to prove your kitchen meets the highest standards of cleanliness.